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Meet the Family


Also known as Mom. She’s the one that holds us all together. Can remember your birthday and kids names like no one else on the planet. In addition to being a rock star in the CX pits, she is a fantastic cook with an impressive breadth of garlic fused meals.


Decided to buy a bike shop despite everyone in the industry advising it was a bad idea. Married to Kristen for 25 years, loves all things with 2 wheels. Likes hanging with people who are kind, humble and honest. Has a serious issue collecting old Ford cars that he drag races...when they run and/or have motors in them.


Also known as "Mel", okay not really.  Melissa prefers riding her mountainbike in the gnar and is also a rockstar at UVM in the mechanical engineering honors college. Loves all animals and just about all music. Side hobby includes coaching her parents on their sub-optimal abilities in social media. 


Also known as the #therealdonseib, Donnie has rocked the cycling world with his youtube series 100 ways to loose a crit. Potentially the only Cat 4 who can hold 600 watts for almost a minute. Other interests include drones, cars and breaking enduro moutainbike wheels. A UVM mechanical engineering student who enjoys applying his academics to those side interests.


Rockstar of the BMB service course. Can fix anything...even if left sitting in an outside shed for 10 years with zero maintenance. Prefers building S-works, espresso and DIPA.  


Our most important member: shop dog

Favorite Cycling Discipline:
Mountain Biking  

Favorite non-cycling pastime:
Moving shoes to new and exciting locations