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RENTAL Borealis Fatbikes on Sale Now!  

Call for details: 207-824-0100

                           Flume NX Seafoam Small (1) $2100

                           Flume NX Bronze/ Blue Medium (1) $2100

                           Flume NX Bronze /Blue Large (2) $2100

                           Flume NX Bronze/Blue X-Large (1) $2100


The Barker Mountain Bike difference

In Stock

Buy Now and Get a Free Set of Studded Tires

Borealis Crestone GX HED Alloy S White-Blue-Black


Borealis Crestone GX HED Alloy L Red/White


Borealis Crestone GX Mulefut XL Blue/Black/White



Specialized Bikes


Wahoo Bike Trainers/Accessories


E-assist Bikes


Body Armor/Pads


The Barker Mountain Bike difference

The BMB difference:

In 2015, the Seib family purchased Bethel Bicycle. With a passion around anything on two wheels, we not only build, service and sell bikes, but we ride and race them as well. Our premise is simple, a bike shop without attitude where everyone, regardless of age, gender, or experience feels as if they are hanging with friends. Our goal with every customer interaction, is to provide the most friendly and inviting experience in the industry. The staff of the shop strive to give back to the community through the gift of cycling. We believe that the value of a bike can be far more than a price tag. Stop in and experience the difference at BMB.

Barker Mountain Services all bikes.

Service and Repair

We extend the same "without attitude" premise to our service area.  Bikes maintained well should last a lifetime. Whether you buy from us, or from the internet we welcome your business. Awesome service is way more than knowing how to turn a wrench, come in and talk with us today.  We stock everything you need to maintain and service your bike on your own too...