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BMB Racing Team

When Barker Mountain Bikes started in 2015 one of the bigger drivers was to create and support a highly visible cycling team of great people with super positive stoke. We had ridden for many clubs, teams, shops over the last 30 years and have developed life long friendships as a result. 

The BMB racing team is a culmination of the positive vibe and energy we have embraced over all those years. While somewhat a negative way to describe what we are, we use the simple motto "no jerks". We believe in being humble, we believe in integrity, we believe in hard work....and most important we believe bike racing should be fun. 

Our team covers all cycling disciplines and we treat all members equally regardless of whether they are a Cat 5 or a Pro. We have a significant focus to increase junior and female participation in our sport. We have an impressive crew of experienced racers that get jazzed by helping our junior members. 

We are well supported by several awesome sponsors: Specialized, Verge, Pedro's, Optic Nerve and BOYD Wheels. 

If you think this is something you are interested in send an email to in September with what you like to do and why you'd be a good fit. Parents, don't let fiscal challenges stop your kids from racing, there is no environment in sports which matches the New England cycling racing scene. If your child has the right attitude, we can help figure out the logistical aspects.

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