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Clear and Ultra Contrast lenses are made from 2.7mm bulletproof material with an anti-scratch coating and are dual pane, meaning permanent anti-fog. All lenses fit all goggles, whether they are Tear-Off or Roll-Off. Available in different mirror colors with various levels of Visible Light Transmission percentages (VLT). - Bulletproof - 2.7mm thick optically correct lens - Permanent anti-fog function built into the inner lens polymer - Tear-off and roll-off ready with posts - 28 to 83% light transmission (VLT)
The Leatt Velocity 4.0 MTB X-Flow goggle brings a whole new level to goggle ventilation. It has specially designed vents on the top and bottom of the goggle frame and lens as well as a unique mesh strap which ensures helmet ventilation still functions even when covered. The goggle features the RideViz lens. A three-layer laminated, anti-fog, bullet proof, and anti-scratch lens which ensures you have clear vision and the best protection for your eyes, along with great looks and the perfect fit, all this at a price that won't break the bank!
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