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Bike Repair & Service

Barker Mountain Bikes prides itself on exceptional bike service. We can handle repairs from a tire change to suspension rebuilds. We have substantially invested in tools that allow us to work on cutting edge bike technology that comes on new bikes. We have expertise on what works and what doesn't work when it comes to the changing standards being introduced these days. If you want to convert to a 1X transmission, go tubeless, or try out the new electronic shifting packages, we are your shop. We have a simple guaranteed satisfaction service policy: if we fixed it and you aren't happy, come back. It goes out the door at BMB, right, the first time.

We debated offering a "package" that had different levels of work included. But with bikes now becoming more specialized in components and features that doesn't make sense. If you need a tune-up we'll give you a quick estimate. In general a tune-up takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the bike’s condition. However, if you want a full tear down/rebuild, which makes sense for people who ride a ton, we will do that too. A full tear down will generally take 3-5 hours of work.

Regardless of what you choose we check everything: chain, cranks, bottom bracket, chain rings, cassette, wheel bearings, wheel trueness, cables, cable housing, ferules, free-hub, shifters, brakes, brake pads, frame, handlebars… If we find your bike needs replacement parts we will call you to check in before we install them. We’ll also show you the parts we replaced. 

Every bike which comes in for service gets cleaned...because that's how we do things.  

Average Rates for normal repairs:

  • Tube+Change: $10
  • Chain+Replacement: $15+Chain
  • Cable+Replacement: $15+Cable
  • Major Wheel True: $20
  • Suspension Rebuild $50-$200
  • All other work (We try to work fast): $60/hour
  • Contact us to schedule your bike service today.